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    Fill our secure online application and get a decision in minutes. No setup fees, no late fees and no early repayment fees.


    Start your Oakam journey

    Put your loan to work with the Oakam app, grow your credit rating over time and build your way to a brighter financial future.


    Tailor your loan

    Access lower rates and bigger amounts as you repay your loan. Borrow up to £5,000 over time. Find out more


    Join the 150,000+
    customers that trust us

    We’re more than just a money lender: we’re on a mission to make accessible credit a reality for all.


    Download our mobile app

    The Oakam mobile app will allow you to apply as well as help you manage your loan:

    • Apply for a loan
    • Check your outstanding balance
    • See your next repayment day
    • Review your repayment schedule
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    Reasons to join Oakam


    Bad credit? We'll listen

    We’ll listen to your story if you are on benefits, have a bad credit history or just arrived in the UK. We’ve made it our mission to break down financial barriers and increase access for all.


    No home visits - ever!

    Money is a private matter and we keep it that way. Think of us as an alternative to doorstep loans. We’ll never knock on your door and you can always reach us online or over the phone.


    No hidden surprises

    At Oakam you’re always in control. Our products are simple and transparent. We don’t charge late fees and there’s no cost associated with repaying early.


    Your bridge to a brighter financial future

    As you pay back your Oakam loan, you can unlock lower rates, bigger amounts and longer terms. It’s our way of helping you build your credit profile over time.


    Manage your loan with the Oakam app

    Access your loan and repayment schedule by downloading our app, and apply for tops ups and new loans in the future.


    Frequently asked questions

    • Who are Oakam?

      Oakam provides straightforward and simple financial services for people who find it difficult to borrow from banks. We offer responsible access to credit and are dedicated to serving our customers with respect.

      Every day we support people as they achieve their money goals, build their credit profile, and access better loan rates. At the same time, by using our mobile app to repay on time, Oakam customers are transforming the lending industry, making credit less expensive and more accessible for everyone.

    • How does it work?

      It’s simple! You can apply on our website, or via our mobile app. The app can be downloaded from the Apple iStore for iPhone devices, or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. If your application is approved, the cash can be sent to your bank account on the same day. Most successful candidates receive their loans within a couple of hours of being approved.*

      *Subject to status. On the application form, we will ask you for your monthly income and expenditure in detail, in order to confirm that you can afford the monthly repayments over the life of the loan.

    • Does Oakam do a credit search?

      Yes. But we do not base our decision solely on your credit history. At Oakam we understand that life doesn’t always go as planned. We understand that you may have run into financial difficulties in the past and as a consequence, you may have a poor credit history. Unlike other lenders though, Oakam will not automatically blacklist you because you have missed repayments. Your credit history and affordability assessment help us understand your current situation when we assess your application for a loan.

      So, even if you have been declined by other lenders in the past, we might still be able to help.

    • I am new to the UK. Can Oakam help me with a loan?

      Yes. We ask that you have been a resident in the UK for at least 6 months before applying for a loan with us. All loans are subject to affordability checks and your financial status. We welcome new customers every day and, because our online application process is fully automated, you can apply whenever you need to, seven days a week. All our loans are subject to your financial status.

    • What does APR mean?

      APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate.

      The APR is a standard measure used across all credit products to help consumers compare the cost of loans. Because the APR reflects the annual rate of charge for a loan, it is not always an easy measure to understand when comparing loans of different lengths.

      The APR is, accordingly, an effective comparison tool for similar products, but in addition to the APR, we always show you the total cost of a loan and the individual instalments, i.e. what you will pay back in full. We believe this information gives you a fuller picture of the costs of our loans and should help you make an informed decision whether one of our loans is suitable for you.

    • I am self-employed. Can I get a loan?

      Yes, subject to your financial status.

    • Can I have a joint application with my partner?

      No. We only lend to individuals so we do not accept joint applications.

    Shirlee, needed some extra money to take care of some unexpected bills. We accepted her loan request which 'helped her get on her feet'.


    Joltana had been rejected for credit elsewhere. We said yes to her loan request after assessing her based on more than just her credit score.



    Representative example: If you borrow £300 over 6 months at 279% per annum (fixed) you would make one repayment of £17.06 and 25 weekly repayments of £21.66. You would repay £558.56 in total. The total cost of credit would be £258.56.

    Loan term lengths between 3 and 36 months. Minimum APR 67.97%. Maximum APR 1431.41%. New customers can borrow up to £800 for a term of 6 months. Existing customers can borrow up to £5,000 for a term of up to 36 months. Early repayment options are available and are not associated with any fees or cost. There are no additional fees associated with any of our loans. All loans are subject to status.

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