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  • Need a Top Up?

    If you have a loan with us but you need extra cash and can afford to borrow a larger amount, you can download the Oakam app to see if you have a Top Up offer available.

    Oakam will review your circumstances and, if your Top Up is approved, we will close your current loan and issue you with a new loan agreement for the additional money and the amount outstanding on your previous loan.

    It is important to remember that short term loans are not designed for long term credit needs, so you should only consider borrowing more money if you experience an emergency. As a responsible lender, Oakam will not lend if we believe that our loans are being used for supplementing income on a regular or ongoing basis. For some of our short-term loans, we will also only allow you to apply for 2 top ups while you have a continuous balance. After these top ups, you will need to repay in full before you can apply for further credit.

    Could you be eligible for a Top Up?

    You may be eligible for a Top Up if:

    • You are up to date with your current loan repayments
    • You can afford the new repayment amount

    How do I check if I am eligible?

    Download our app Our app is now available both for iPhone and Android™, it is free and notifies you when you can apply for a Top Up.