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    We have thousands of customers from all backgrounds and different nationalities

    We strive to customise our service based on your personal circumstance give you the best Oakam experience possible. That’s why so many people across the UK rely on Oakam’s services to help them build a more secure and resilient financial future.

    We believe that is why:

    • 90% of our customers rated our service as 4/7 or 5/5 (Very Good), and
    • 45% of our new customers were referred by another Oakam customer

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    We asked some of our customers to share their experiences of Oakam. Find out what they said in these short films.

    …come back to us

    We believe that our customers deciding to choose us again if they are in need of another loan shows that we must be doing something right.  As our customers successfully repay their initial Oakam loan and show that they are responsible borrowers, they unlock access to better rates, longer loan terms and bigger amounts. You can find out more about re-borrowing from Oakam here.